Design Dialogue: Storytelling for memorable designs

Design Thinkers,

Storytelling has the power to bring an impact on the overall design process. The trend of content-focused experiences is urging UX designers to gear up and get involved with creating compelling stories around their products.

The UX / Product Designers should know more about the business, marketing, and delivery sides of the products that they are creating.
The use of technological advances, data, and creativity need to work together to create something memorable. Building connections with the users, transferring emotions from business and product in the most informative way is now one of the main ways to set products ahead of the competition.

Compelling storytelling is how to make the brand memorable, it’s how to build desire – it’s how to make a user feel as if they are a part of the product or service.

Let’s gather to review some ways storytelling could help to create memorable designs.

Who could find it valuable?:
-UX Researchers
-Product Innovators
-UX Designers/Leads/Strategists



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