Denver Legal Hackers Presents: Establishing Norms in Cyberspace

The potential for people today to connect and pool talent and resources together to solve problems has never been greater. And yet that potential has yet to be fully harnessed in a way that provides justice to those who need it. Nation states are apparently unable to govern effectively in cyberspace, instead resorting to shutting down access to the internet or attempting to control the activities of ISPs. And the bitcoin driven silk road experience demonstrated that those who wanted to operate outside the justice system could do so. But lawyers and other justice professionals who could actually establish normative behavior in cyberspace have failed to do so. It’s a missed opportunity.

Join us on Monday, April 15, 2019 for a discussion with Jeff Aresty, Founder and President of the (IBO), and Larry Bridgesmith, CEO of LPM Alignment and Legal Alignment LLC, about how lawyers and others are creating norms in cyberspace and a new justice layer to the internet.

IBO is a virtual bar association dedicated to empowering communities around the world using technology, communication, and innovative social and economic justice initiatives. It recently launched the JusticeHub Innovation Lab, which is doing research, promoting standards, and incubating and launching projects that operate outside of jurisdictional boundaries using the latest technologies, including blockchain, smart contracts, aspects of AI, ODR and more.

IBO has projects like PeaceTones, where it is empowering musicians in the developing world to develop digital identities and digital assets to market their intellectual property using fair trade music contracts. IBO’s Invisibles project focuses on digital identity for stateless refugees, where it is working with ANSI and ISO to issue a white paper on international standards to create a trustworthy identity online – and identity that is totally in the control of the individual herself. Meaningful online identity requires learning new ways to act in a trustworthy manner online.

Very few lawyers and justice professionals have the capacity to function on their own in this new space. Technologies that have been used for the first 25 years of the internet age are going to disappear when a new justice layer of the internet is created. IBO is able to make many new technologies available to its members, not only to create secure identity, but also to store final documents on the blockchain. These tools are available now in their early stages, and IBO is building more.

Jeff Aresty is an international business and e-commerce lawyer with 35 years of experience in international cyberlaw technology transfer. He is a leading expert in online dispute resolution and the use of technology in law. He pioneered some of the first courses on e-law techniques and was a founder of the ABA’s TECHshow in 1986 and co-chaired the program for several years. He has also served as reporter for the eLawyering Task Force of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section (LPM) and a member of the ABA’s Standing Committee on Technology, International Law Section’s Information Services, Technology, and Data Protection Committee. He is a Fellow of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution.

Larry Bridgesmith is listed as one of America’s Best Lawyers, among the Leading Lawyers for American Businesses and SuperLawyer. He is a member of the International Academy of Mediators and of the Tennessee Supreme Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. Larry has served in management roles for boutique and mid-sized law firms throughout his career. He coordinates the Program on Law and Innovation at Vanderbilt School of Law. Larry co-founded LegalAlignment LLC to provide legal project management services and technology support through DASH, an artificially intelligent legal productivity management technology which provides interoperability with a lawyer’s preferred set of legaltech support tools.