DCG Investing Masterclass

Denver Crypto Group founder Matt Millen has been researching crypto since 2017 and his early investments into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Neo along with Binance coin, Solana, Terra, Axie Infinity, FTX and others (including Doge >.<) have allowed his portfolio to grow by over 11,100% (~189% CAGR) to date – all while minimizing risk and downside during bear markets. During these classes he will be teaching the same strategies used by him and many other DCG members to grow their crypto portfolios and outperform the markets.

If you want to learn the secrets to safe crypto success then these classes are for you! The cost is $89 per 90 minute class.

Please fill out this google form to apply for our next class and we will let you know when your application is approved (usually 1-2 biz days)


**This course does not contain financial advice and Matt is not a licensed financial advisor. This course will teach you the tools for successful crypto investing but it is your responsibility to apply them. The Denver Crypto Group makes no guarantee of profitable returns**