DC Code & Coffee 4.41 @ Your Home

DC Code and Coffee is an inclusive, informal co-working session. People of all skill levels attend, and we love it that way. Many people (optionally) bring projects to work on, and many other people (optionally) socialize the entire time. It’s up to you! Some ideas for personal projects: build an app, write a blog, or go through programming exercises.

Near the beginning of the event we do an introduction circle. You say your name, what you’re working on, what you can help others with, and what you would like help with. You can also share job opportunities or announce that you are looking for some. After the introduction circle, everything is self-organized.

We’ll be using Zoom for remote video conferencing, with Google Docs to help organize: check back the day of the event for a link!

Join the DC Code and Coffee community on Slack — it’ll help us during the event! DCTechSlack is a community-run Slack server that many DC Tech Meetups are on, and we hang out in the channel #dccodecoffee. Sign up on: http://dctech.chat

Location changes week to week. This week we’ll be staying home, and collaborating online!