Common Lisp Virtual Study Group

• What we’ll do
Learn Common Lisp!

We’d love to have you join our weekly online study group, where we will explore and learn the Common Lisp programming language.

Link to Lisp Study Group Hangout:

We will go through everything:
– setup of a development environment,
– in-depth study of the language,
– best practices, and
– some surprises! We will start by going through _Practical Common Lisp_, a great introductory book. The whole book can be downloaded for free from, and paper copies can be bought from Apress and Amazon. You will learn:

– What Common Lisp is
– What makes CL development fun
– How to program in CL, from scripting to developing executables
– Deployment
– and more!

Please join us each week on Hangouts (max 10 attendees):

Or you can watch us on our Atlanta Functional Programming Live stream on Youtube!

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