Coders’ Workshop – Algorithms & Whiteboards (ONLINE)

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Coders’ Workshop is a bi-weekly LIVE session where programmers of ALL skill levels can improve their problem solving and technical communication skills through crowdsourced coding challenges and algorithms. To do this we make use of Zoom, Slack, GitHub, and VSCode Live Share to effectively collaborate remotely.

Participants are encouraged to pseudo-code, ask questions, take the lead on solving challenges, and contribute their own for the group to solve. Whether you are prepping for a technical interview or an avid enthusiast, we can help!

[Key Principles]
– language agnosticism, pair programming, tactics vs strategy

[Group Leadership]
– Bryan Yunis, Maksim Verkhoturov
Get Started:

[GitHub Repo]

^^ We love contributions! This repo consists mainly of algorithm and data-structure type problems, so feel free to either submit a solution to a coding challenge we have or one of your own. We update the readme prior to each event.

[VS Code Live Share] –

[Slack] – Find us on Slack and join the #events-internal and #workshop channels to stay in touch!
Code of Conduct:

***By attending our events you agree to accept and act in accordance with our Code of Conduct, viewable under the ‘About’ tab.

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