[Boulder Python] Monthly Meetup

6:30pm, Beginner’s Track

6:55pm, Sponsor shout-outs, meetup announcements, hiring announcements, mingle.

7:15pm, Entry-Level/Intermediate/Advanced Talks

Our meetup has implemented the PyCon “Code of Conduct” (https://us.pycon.org/2016/about/code-of-conduct/) for ensuring all members attending a session feel included and heard. Thanks for your mutual respect to one another.

Want to give a talk at a future meetup? Submit your talk idea here: https://www.papercall.io/boulder-python

Join the conversation! We hang out in #meetup-python and #help-python on the Denver Devs Slack Community. (get an invite at denverdevs.org (https://denverdevs.org/))