Blockchain, Dapp, and Crypto Round Table – Cross-Disciplinary Meetup

This Monthly meetup is our main meeting and provides an outlet for people across the crypto space to exchange and discuss fundamental and technical bitcoin topics. In this meeting series we discuss Blockchain development, Dapp, Cryptocurrency Mining, and market moves, news and rumor. We cover a wide range of currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Lisk, GNY, BrikBit, Madana, as well as other popular and up-and-coming cryptocurrencies. It gives an opportunity to newcomers and crypto-vets alike to network across the space get answers to simple or in-depth questions. We hope to see you there! Cheers.

What you will experience:
• Hands on Strategic Structure and Opportunity Focused
• High Quality Return on Your Time Spent
• Focus Groups Tailored to Your Interests

Our intelligently organized gatherings and opportunity focused think tanks are around Blockchain, DApps, Crypto, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Technology Business Creation, Mining, Development and other applicable technology innovations forming the backbone of the next 50 trillion-dollar industry.

We have knowledgeable speakers, panel discussions, focus groups, and tons of networking and San Antonio culture for your benefit.

Bring Your:
Laptop, Notepad, Questions, Requests, and Opportunity Focused Mindset

Join a group of like-minded people with deep knowledge of amazing technologies.