Blockchain applications to SDG3 Health and Well Being with BurstIQ Founder

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Presented in partnership with Blockchain for Sustainable Development, Denver Blockchain and Burst IQ:

Come to BurstIQ’s office and hear their CEO, Frank Ricotta, talk about how his company got involved in the United Nations and their plans to help attain SDG3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

The United Nations Global Compact is adopting revolutionizing blockchain technology as they understand its potential to improve the world we live in. Denver’s own, BurstIQ was one of the first blockchain companies to be accepted into the United Nation’s Global Compact.

Kylen McClintock (B4SD) and Dan Shields (Denver Blockchain) will moderate this fire-side conversation with poignant questions and will lead the audience Q & A.

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BurstIQ is currently hiring and if interested, please come learn about the company and find Angie Buckley.

Food will be provided.