Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community Gathering

This weekly meetup is a community driven gathering on all things Crypto, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technologies. We enjoy diving deep and conversing the most important aspects of these new technologies. Active participation is highly encouraged! Come prepared with any questions or topics you want to dive into. Better yet – come with something to speak about or teach everyone!

Among us, there is no such thing as a stupid question or topic. Everyone at any level of knowledge is welcome!

Some running topics include:

Discussion of news highlights from the week
Understanding the fundamentals: how it all works and why
Deep dives into software architecture and structure
Demos of basic development of blockchains and Dapps
Getting started with a crypto exchange
Different wallet types and hands-on demos of use
Security and privacy in crypto
What to look for in evaluating potential investments
Trading and Technical Analysis (TA)
Regulatory, Tax, and Legal best-practices
Legislative news and how to get involved

***Refreshments are typically available! And it is more than alright to bring dinner in! Maybe event extra to share with the group 🙂