Back To Basics: Object Oriented Programming

In this meetup Jon Kalb will be giving us a preview of his CppCon Presentation on Object Oriented Programming (as always dinner will be provided by our generous sponsors):

Modern C++ is at its best when using generic and/or functional programming filled with techniques to squeeze the greatest possible performance with the latest compile-time features.

But millions of C++ programmers are still using C++ the old-fashioned way, designing, building, and most importantly, maintaining object-oriented hierarchies based on virtual functions and run-time polymorphism. Some of these programmers don’t know a different way and some would love to start from scratch with a more modern approach, but they all share something in common. They all want to build the best code they can with the paradigm they are are using.

Object-Oriented Programming was state-of-the-art C++ programming for decades and industry best practices developed to produce high-quality code and avoid practices that lead to buggy, hard-to-maintain code. With billions of lines of OOP code in C++ currently in production, someone should be talking about OOP best practices, because old-school doesn’t mean easy. But OOP just isn’t trendy anymore.

In this session, instead of lecturing you that you shouldn’t be using OOP, I’m going to share the industry best practices developed during the last four decades and updated to latest language features.

About Jon:

Jon Kalb is a freelance C++ instructor and chairs C++Now, CppCon, and the Boost Steering Committee. He has been programming in C++ for over 25 years and has written C++ for Amazon, Apple, Dow Chemical, Intuit, Lotus, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, and Yahoo!