Agile Project Management and Business Analysis Best Practices

The objective of this meeting is to have an open discussion on Agile Project Management and BA best practices. The following topics will be discussed and how to best handle some various issues that go into proper sprint planning, management and execution. Discussion topics will include:

• Proper Scope and Sprint Definition – discussion will involve best practices on how to define the scope of the sprint including what will be included – Dev only, Dev & QA, Dev, QA & UAT. In various scenarios, what should be the sprint cycle time.
• Product Backlog v. Sprint Backlog – discussion on the issues and key decisions in defining what to include in the next sprint cycle. How to best keep the sprints working effectively considering the priorities of the product, revenue opportunity and capacity of the team.
• Prioritizing Scope Changes and Modifications During Sprints – Issues to make clear from a product owner, project manager and BA perspective. Timing to include a sprint cycle change.
• Sprint Burndown & Release Burndown Chart – How to maximize the skills of the team members in story and workload allocation. If continuous integration is part of the delivery, how to best decide what will be included in releases.
• Sprint Ceremony and Retrospective Sprint Review – Key elements in reviewing a sprint and how to best improve. What and how to make the cycle better. What should go into a review and then how to best execute decisions.

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