Agile Denver Kanban CoP

Agile Denver Kanban CoP: is a community of practice for practitioners interested in sharing and learning with others about applying lean and agile principles along with flow, pull, and kanban system concepts to assist with catalyzing and effectively managing change to improve their business workflow processes, and to predictably forecast and answer the question “When will it be done?” It is a “special interest group (SIG)” of the Agile Denver group and is also associated with the global Lean & Kanban University and Limited WIP Society.

Hello everyone,

Our next Agile Denver Kanban CoP meetup will be on Thursday (07/11), from 6:00-8:00 pm. The first hour of our CoP meetup consists of a Deep-dive discussion. One or more CoP core members facilitate this discussion on a specific topic, related to applying and using lean, flow, pull, or kanban concepts, and selected by them from a list of candidate topics (options) that the CoP maintains. This month’s topic will be presented by John Bannister. It is a game called FeatureBan which introduces Kanban to folks who are unfamiliar with a flow based system.

Please note the Deep-dive discussions are not limited to being introductions to lean, flow, pull, or kanban concepts. However, they are open to all who want to attend regardless of their experience level.

After a short break, the second hour of our CoP meetup typically consists of a “Lean Coffee” format, where everyone attending puts forth questions, issues, topics, etc. to be considered related to applying and using lean, flow, pull, or kanban concepts, and these can be at any experience level. If you’re not familiar with Lean Coffee, a quick Google search can provide a number of brief overviews. These Lean Coffees are themselves a great way to help identify potential future Deep-dive topics of interest.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, we hope you’ll join us!

Take care,


Additional Location Info: Parking is located on the building’s west side. We meet in the Union Room (take ​lobby elevator down one floor).

After 6:00 pm access is limited and we need to escort visitors to the meeting room, so please arrive promptly. After 6:05 we’ll likely not have anyone posted at the door.