2nd Wednesday of the Month Talk Format Meeting

• What we’ll do
Thea Flowers will be giving her talk “Creating a Sega-inspired synthesizer”

The music coming out of video game consoles such as the SNES and Sega Genesis is burned into the heads of entire generations. I was inspired by the Genesis to design and build a modern MIDI-controlled hardware synthesizer using the original sound chip – the Yamaha YM2612. I spent eight months experimenting, prototyping, designing, and bringing this synthesizer to life. Along the way I learned about analog circuits, PCB design, reverse engineering, and FM synthesis. In this talk I’ll share some highlights from my journey – I’ll talk about what makes this chip so special and unique, how I designed a synthesizer around it – including my failures and challenges, and then we’ll create some music on it together. I hope to share some of the joy of creating music by putting magical rocks together.

Hi! I’m Miss Thea Flowers. I’m an open-source advocate, developer relations engineer, and maker. I’ve spent most of my time with the Python community – you might know me from things like PyCascades and various packaging projects. However, I’ve spent the last year learning hardware in my spare time and I’m excited to share my creations. You can find more about me, including all of my open-source work and previous talks, at thea.codes.

• What to bring
Your wonderful self.

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